Vaping has come a long way since it was first introduced and now more individuals are vaping than ever before. Because eLiquids are vital for being able to vape, it stands to reason there are many companies springing up and offering a variety of flavor concoctions. While there are many eLiquid manufacturers, there is one that is raising the bar to unimaginable heights.

What Should Vapers Know About Teleos?

There are not many eLiquid companies that truly take the time to meticulously craft their flavors like Teleos does. Unlike some companies, Teleos never attempts to rush a new flavor because they want to be sure each and every nuance offers an absolutely perfect experience for their customers.

It is amazing to experience each of the flavors they offer. Vapers cannot get enough of Teleos’ unique flavors that transcend what any other company is offering. While there are tons of offerings, there are three that seem to be prized more than others:

  • Breakfast at Teleos Crunch is a delicious experience that takes vapers back to Saturday mornings spent in front of the television with a delicious, sugary breakfast cereal. Vapers will be able to taste their favorite berry cereal with milk and pick up notes of mom’s delicious marshmallow Krispy treats. This one is so creamy and sweet, it becomes addictive and vapers cannot seem to get enough.
  • Breakfast at Teleos Milk Vape Juice is a truly decadent experience for those who have ever enjoyed Momofuku’s signature drink which features delicious Fruity Pebbles, milk, and a few secret ingredients. It is amazing how much this vape juice tastes like a bowl of incredible kid’s cereal and milk. When this flavor was first introduced, vapers could not believe the flavor experience.
  • Teleos Remixed Chewy Liquid takes vapers back to childhood when they enjoyed those overly sweet yogurt cereal bars that were so yummy to eat. This liquid tastes like yogurt, granola, and sweet berries.

Check Them Out Today

No matter what flavor you choose from Teleo’s, you cannot go wrong. These delicious liquids are sure to become your standby and you will find you crave them more and more. To learn more about this company, click here.