Typically, a teacher has less than an hour to complete a lesson. Therefore, it is important that he or she has a clear plan for how to get through material in a timely manner. Let’s take a closer look at some ways that teachers can stay organized and get as much done as possible with the limited time that they have with their students.
Use a PowerPoint Presentation to Stay on Task
The use of a PowerPoint presentation can help you stay focused on the larger points that you are trying to make. If you ever get lost, you can simply look to the slide to help you regain your place. Passing out physical copies of lecture slides may help your students follow along as well.
Alternatively, it may be possible to send a link to the presentation that your students can access on their computers. This may be helpful in the event that you can’t get through the whole lecture in one class period as your students can finish it on their own time.
Limit Distractions to Help Your Students Learn
As a teacher, you want to make sure that your students understand what they are being taught. From time to time, your students may have questions or comments about the lecture. To ensure that you get through the material, it may be best to have a designated period at the end of a lecture to answer questions or respond to comments.
You may also want to use online tools to allow students to ask questions that can be answered after class. Depending on the level of technology available in the classroom, other students could use a message board to help answer any questions their classmates may have.
Furthermore, you may want to ask that students refrain from any other behavior that may be distracting to yourself or to anyone else in the class. For instance, you could ask that students turn off their phones or any other devices that could make noise.
Have a Dedicated Spot to Lecture From
Some teachers and professors like to walk around the classroom as they lecture. This may allow them to speak in a more relaxed or conversational manner as opposed to standing in one spot. However, walking around a classroom or lecture hall could be distracting for your students.
By using presentation podiums, you can help your students stay focused while also keeping yourself focused on your lecture. Podiums may come equipped with USB ports for added connectivity even as you stay in one location. They may also have overhead projectors to display visual aids to the class.
Time is a commodity that teachers never seem to have enough of. While it would be nice to have more of it to work with students, educators must make the most of the time that they do have. This means using all the tools and resources at their disposal to stay focused on maximize their productivity during each class session.