Steps to Follow When Planning a Funeral. There are many things in life that make us be frustrated. One of such an issue is the death of a loved one. Death is an act of passing away in beings. Life is free gift from God. We are regret when our partners pass away. It is an issue of stress when our loved ones leave us. We suffer emotionally, physically, and sometimes materially. We as beings have weaknesses of the body. Death occurs like an accident. There are many things that can cause death. Diseases can bring death. Expect diseases such as cardiovascular and viral diseases to cause abrupt death cases. AIDS, meningitis and hepatitis are examples of categories of viral diseases. Examples of cardiovascular diseases are heart attack and strokes. Diseases work by cutting short the normal functioning of the body thus leading to death. Poisoning can lead to unexpected death. A poison is a substance that is harmful to the body. Most poisons come from chemicals. A drug can be a poison if taken in abundance. Death can be brought by an accident. It has been noted for vehicle accidents to cause many death cases. It has been noted for disasters such as floods and hurricanes to cause death. Expect disasters to bring the loss of loved ones and damage to properties. There are many processes that follow after the death of an individual. The thing that follows after the death of an individual is burying the body.
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It can be hard to plan for the funeral if the deceased had not left their death wishes. There are some basic steps that require being followed when planning a funeral. We are mandated to pronounce the loss of an individual after their death. A the medical practitioner is the one entitled to pronounce the death of an individual.
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The second thing to do is to keep the body to allow funeral arrangements to be done. We are required to embalm the body if the other processes are meant to take sometimes. It is advisable to take the body to a nearby memorial home to make the funeral arrangements much easier. It is good to hire a funeral director to assist in the normal funeral arrangements. Members of the family and friends are notified about the loss after the body is taken in a funeral home. We mention the location, day, and time of funeral service when notifying family members and friends. The biography of a deceased is also made and read during the funeral service.