There are dozens of situations in which to consider a plant hire company for the job. Professionals with years of training and experience operate heavy-machinery to the benefit of the customer. Here are just some of the vehicles/services on offer.

  • Bulk civils: Bulk earthworks need equipment to dig and move earth or other materials away from the site, which is very important for site clearance.
  • Construction: Plant hire offers vehicles to construction sites missing the necessary tools and vehicles to complete a project. The plant hire company will help keep the project on schedule should something go wrong.
  • Demolition: Site demolition can leave a huge mess. Luckily, plant hire makes quick work of the clean-up.
  • Mining: Heavy duty Bobcat machinery comes in handy here for digging, lifting, pushing, crushing, etc.

The vehicles available include:

  • Front-end loaders: These are ideal for any site that needs to move and haul materials.
  • Excavators: These are diggers that come in all shapes and sizes to remove rubble and rock or to place building materials.
  • Tractor-loader-backhoes (TLB): Also called a backhoe, this heavy equipment vehicle is outfitted with a tractor unit and a bucket on the front.
  • 10m3 Tipper Trucks: Large vehicles for removing rubble and debris and dumping its whole load box out in one go.

Why it is better to hire than to buy?

By making use of plant hire you benefit from:

  • Much lower costs than having to buy the construction vehicles out of your own pocket, especially if you do not need one on your site every day. You’ll also save large amounts of money by not having to pay insurance or maintenance on any of these vehicles.
  • Taking less risk by not investing money in vehicles and their potential to be stolen, broken or to harm someone.
  • Having a choice as to what you need and when you need it. Both time and products are flexible.
  • You do not have to make a plan or pay to store the construction vehicle.

By making use of plant hire your business can cut out insurance costs while having flexible use of industrial equipment. Your business will benefit from knowing there is plant hire for every project in the years to come!