Ways to Retain Staff in the Healthcare Industry

Shortages of nursing professionals, certified direct care staff, and administrators in the healthcare industry have facilities attempting creative ways to retain the healthcare staff they do have. Referral bonuses for professionals who recommend the facility to other professionals who take positions are a new idea. It is clever because it is a win-win scenario. Staff are kept happy with bonuses, and the facility recruits new hires without a recruiting agency.


Benefits packages have been cut in most industries due to the rising costs of premiums. They are valuable to professionals and contribute immensely to the attractiveness of a total compensation package. It is actually less expensive to keep staff by offering benefits than it is to pay for overtime costs and temporary staffing to fill shifts.

One benefit in particular that benefits all the staff, professional and direct care, is an employee assistance program (EAP). The program consists of … Read the rest

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Finding Qualified People for Health Care Staffing

A lot of people in the workforce today are not actually employed by the company they work, rather, they are temporary employees who work for a temp agency or a staffing agency. This method of securing employees to do the work is becoming increasingly more the norm for employers to use instead of permanently hiring the personnel. The temporary staffing agency is cheaper, as the employer does not offer benefits, and so there is very little invested in the employee. This method of employment also spills over into the health care profession, and here are some interesting facts to know.

For Those Looking for Health Care Temporary Employment

There are many people who may actually be seeking to get into the health care profession by the way of temporary staffing. For one thing, those who are just coming out of college and have no experience may find it easier to … Read the rest

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