Lake City Tree Removal Services: Tips in Removing Tough Tree Stumps and Roots Instead of doing it later, stump removal must be done as soon as possible because stump removal is really tough than cutting the tree itself. Tree stumps lead to insect and other pests infestation, growth of new tree shoots or suckers, and infection caused by honey fungus which may be spread to other plants and trees. It is best to remove the tree stump right after the tree is cut, and whether you are employing a contractor or doing it part yourself, you have to make sure that the trunk is cut as close to ground as much as possible. It is easy to remove small stumps by digging, but for tougher trees stumps, you may either use a machinery for grinding the stump to sawdust on its place, or use a product to kill the regrowth or help speed up the process of decomposition. If you prefer burning, seek professional help to reduce the risk, especially in dry climates and residential areas. There are steps you can take for accelerating the process of stump decay without having to rent a heavy machinery or hire a contractor. Stump killers contain ingredients similar to weed killers’ active ingredients, absorbed by tree stump, to prevent regrowth and accelerate the lengthy process of decomposition, thus killing it entirely. Stump killers are the best to use on freshly cut tree stumps when the cells’ surface are most receptive to treatment. After a heavy rainfall, do not apply stump killer because it will not be absorbed properly by the stump. Get rid of small stumps by diluting stump killer in water, wear gloves to protect your skin, and paint it to the stump’s surface with the use of a clean brush. If you are handling a wide trunk, you can drill into the top of the tree stump and then fill the holes with the diluted solution. The earliest time decomposition starts using a stump killer is usually four to six weeks. Sometimes people want to remove a tree stump right away, and that’s when you’ll need a tree removal specialist to do the job. Machines are readily available for hire, but we suggest hiring a professional especially if you have a poor eyesight or poor mobility, because stump grinders are potentially dangerous. Tree removal is considered a major residential project, thus requiring the assistance and expertise of a professional and certified tree removal service contractor, because trees can be dangerous when they’re cut down and removed. Allow us to help you find the best tree removal specialist for you in Lake City, someone who is certified, trained and experienced in tree services.Trees – My Most Valuable Tips

Trees – My Most Valuable Tips