Everyone in this world are looking for the perfect job in a well reputed organization. Why we are looking jobs? As per current trend the job is like a race. Every year many freshers are passing out from the college and they are looking for the perfect job with decent pay. Many of them are even struggling for the job and the new survey conveys that 41% of professionals are hunting for the new jobs in 2017.

The situation of economy is very worst in India and the experienced people are not confident in switching their jobs. So, the job search situation is very difficult in this current trend. 2017 was the year of jobless growth for Indian firms. Many start-up companies have been shut down due to not availability of projects and they can’t able to manage the people with good pay off. Because of the GST and demonetisation in India the impact of business loss is very high in several sectors. So many employees are fired out and even the ITES industry struggled a lot in 2017.

The skills are very important and you must update the resume with recent certification courses like PMP certification and upgrade yourself as per current trend. In 2018 every industry has been impacted by data proliferation, automation as per competitive market. The competition is huge among the entrepreneurs and you can see many start-up companies has been emerging in 2018. You must be prepared to face the challenges and the way of searching job is entirely changed due to drastic changes in technology. Applying jobs in job-oriented sites is out of fashion nowadays. The recruiter started pulling the resume from social media like LinkedIn, Facebook. The interview process is processing through the Skype and the offers is getting through LinkedIn. So, your online presence will matter a lot and building the strong professional social media profile plays a vital role in job search and the recruiter is more likely to approach you through social media.

The people who are well experienced must think about the career priorities, and how your career integrates into big picture. Try to undergo some professional training such as PMP training depend on your project roles. This will help you to stay more focused in job and the effort will be rewarded with a clarity of direction with better future. For many professionals the learning attitude is very critical. They keep on working the projects until it completes and the recruiter will expect you eagerly to adopt new ways for improving the success factors in the business. You must maximize the contribution of skills for higher hikes and bonuses. Try to be the star performer in your current organization and it will boost your skills which results at better pay offs. Improve the communication skills and leadership skills so that you can handle team at various risk situations while working for the projects. If you are looking for a new job in 2018, make it your mission to familiarise yourself with this world, and I’m sure you will find every success in your job search.