The current situation of IT industry is very worst and the job seekers are in the worst situation to choose their career path in IT. However, there is a heavy competition in the market for the job we must spend more time in developing the skill set and knowledge for better career growth. Everyone is working for the money. Why people are rushing for the IT jobs? The IT jobs will give more pay compared to any other jobs in India. We can earn lot of money in a year but you must work hard to retain the position in IT sectors.

Many peoples are working in night shifts and losing their health only because of money. Even now the freshers are working for very low bucks in the start-up and they might not expect the hike they are working only for their experience to stay focused for future career growth. Some people may shift the job every year for the salary hike. Here is the best idea to move on easily in your career with the help of some recent professional certification courses which will pay you high for both the freshers and experienced people. The institution is also very important while learning the courses. For example, if you ready to select the selenium certification in Chennai there are lot of institution in Chennai and it’s very difficult to choose the best selenium training institute in Chennai. At that time, you can decide by hearing the reviews or ask them for a demo class in online.

When it comes to money, one can be born with a silver spoon or they must work hard to get rich. Changing the organisation may be helpful for the hike but you will get the job satisfaction only if you choose the own desired career path and you must select the sector carefully. Let’s see some of the high pay jobs of 2017.

Technical Writers:

Technical writers are the most upcoming trending job in the market with good pay. The field is entirely different and the people will choose this as career path only for the passion and not for the money. Even though many companies are ready to give more amount of money for the content technical writers and the companies like Adobe, Oracle etc the technical writers are must. As per reference you can expect approximate salary of Rs. 50,000 to Rs.1.7 Lakh a month.

SEO Analysts and Social Media Manager:

SEO analyst is the most important and the interesting job as per current trend. You are in the digitalized world and everyone are addicted to the social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. Social media manager is also the most wanted field nowadays and the people are earning more money in freelance business too. You can expect the minimum salary for social media manager is Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 3 Lakhs a month. Also you can expect the same for the SEO Analyst too.