Nick Bova may be responsible for a massive shift in the veterinary services in the UK. The shift began with a small little allowance with drastic positive changes. Bova UK is the United Kingdom operation of Bova’s large efforts in animal care and health treatment. The company is officially allowed to manufacture sterile specials. They will now become widely accessible to practitioners who need them.

Why Were They Not Available Before?

This seems like such an obvious development. Why did it take so long? The easy answer to that is the slow process of pharmaceutical bureaucracy which can slow down even the noblest of efforts. The answer, in reality, is a lot more complicated. The development of sterile specials has only been met recently due to the relative lack of support from large pharmaceutical companies. The larger entities have not been able to make sterile specials profitable and commercial viable due to the legal restrictions and other concerns.

The market for specials of this kind is already small. The pharmaceutical companies have not been able to work around the restrictions. Perhaps further, they were not motivated to due to the lack of a large market already in place. The incentive was small and not profitable. The large companies placed their bets in other directions and in larger marketplaces.

A Revolution or Not?

This is where Bova comes into play. He has enforced a system where sterile specials can be allocated safely and legally. Is this a revolution? Some may say no. The allocation of sterile specials for horses is, in itself, not a massive game changing platform. But, it does potentially introduce specials to a larger marketplace and allow them to be more accessible. This could change access, open up new markets, and potentially encourage large pharmaceutical companies to invest their time in growing markets.

Yet, Bova seems unconcerned about the larger repercussions and changes. it is only a seemingly small adjustment that could, or could not, result in huge changes in the near future. It seems his big concern is the health and safety of the horses. With that, it seems he has succeeded beautifully.