Education Through Traveling

Whether you are homeschooling your child or taking them traveling for their summer vacation, education through traveling is one of the best ways for a child to learn. It was Saint Augustine that said, “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” Traveling is a great substitute to learning from a book. While you can’t travel to as many places as you can read about it is still nice to get out there once and a while and experience something first-hand. According to an article from the Huffington Post, traveling is the best form of education. Some of the reasons why traveling is the best form of education include: the chance to learn new languages and test them out right away with the natives, investigate new cultures and their customs, find cultural similarities between your culture and others, discover history you had only … Read the rest

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4 Beneficial Reasons to Become an Engineer

Becoming an engineer can be one of the most rewarding decisions of your life. There are so many different engineering disciplines to choose from that will utilize your skills and allow you to live the lifestyle that you wish. As an engineer you can have a rewarding and exciting career while doing what you enjoy. There are a variety of reasons to consider becoming an engineer.


Engineers have to be creative everyday as they work to solve problems analytically. Engineers are constantly innovating different designs and developing plans in order to more efficiently accomplish tasks. As an engineer you get to experiment and create different solutions on a recurrent basis.

Quality of Life

As an engineer, you will have the opportunity to have a great quality of life. Engineers make a very livable salary that allows comfort and security. This is the case all over the country and even … Read the rest

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