How Tough Will Be Your Job Search In 2018 – Freshers Fact

Everyone in this world are looking for the perfect job in a well reputed organization. Why we are looking jobs? As per current trend the job is like a race. Every year many freshers are passing out from the college and they are looking for the perfect job with decent pay. Many of them are even struggling for the job and the new survey conveys that 41% of professionals are hunting for the new jobs in 2017.

The situation of economy is very worst in India and the experienced people are not confident in switching their jobs. So, the job search situation is very difficult in this current trend. 2017 was the year of jobless growth for Indian firms. Many start-up companies have been shut down due to not availability of projects and they can’t able to manage the people with good pay off. Because of the GST and demonetisation … Read the rest

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High Pay Jobs Of 2017 – Clear Career Path For Freshers

The current situation of IT industry is very worst and the job seekers are in the worst situation to choose their career path in IT. However, there is a heavy competition in the market for the job we must spend more time in developing the skill set and knowledge for better career growth. Everyone is working for the money. Why people are rushing for the IT jobs? The IT jobs will give more pay compared to any other jobs in India. We can earn lot of money in a year but you must work hard to retain the position in IT sectors.

Many peoples are working in night shifts and losing their health only because of money. Even now the freshers are working for very low bucks in the start-up and they might not expect the hike they are working only for their experience to stay focused for future career … Read the rest

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