Most people may think that learning language is a very tedious, time-consuming and unhelpful experience. There are also people who feel that language is not too important for future life. Even came the assumption that if you already master the English language is enough. If you have this view, it is time for you to open up your view of language.

Then, what language is feasible and should be learned? Basically as needed. English cannot be denied an international language that must be mastered. In addition to English, Mandarin has also become a trend as one of the languages that must be studied. Several reasons for the importance of learning Mandarin.

  1. The opportunity to get free Scholarship for study in China

The scholarships offered by China vary from S1, S2, to S3. The scholarship to China given not only comes from government or institution, but also from the university and local government who also provide scholarships both personal and full scholarship. Before you apply for a Chinese scholarship, it’s a good idea to master Mandarin first.

This is very important because everything related to a scholarship to China will always be related to Mandarin, for example, to fill out document form, register, and send files definitely using Mandarin. Although there are also using English, the number is fewer and certainly will be more use of Mandarin. So it is very important for you who want to get a scholarship to China to learn Mandarin first before applying for a scholarship.

  1. The largest number of language speakers and the fastest growing language in the world.

Perhaps all the articles that discuss ‘the reason for the importance of Chinese’ will discuss this too, but here’s the fact that is now. Maybe you do not have any plans to go to China or maybe get in touch with Mandarin people. But is not it a good thing for us to learn the language used by almost a quarter of the population on earth? Besides China, Taiwan and Singapore also use The Mandarin language.

Not only that, some ethnic Chinese people also live in groups in several major countries, one of them in the United States. In the UK, 19.8% of foreign students studying are students from China.

Until now, the fact proves that Mandarin is used almost all over the hemisphere. There is nothing wrong if we learn from now because maybe in a few years, many people around you who use Mandarin.

  1. Understand Chinese culture and history

To understand Chinese culture and history, you must understand Mandarin first. Studying Chinese culture and history is one of the fun parts, as you will find many interesting facts there. Studying culture and history does not mean having to read Confucian books or Chinese national history books, but there are many words that exist only in Chinese culture and can never be translated into other languages.

  1. Mandarin becomes the language in the world of business and tourism

Today, not only many entrepreneurs produce their products in China, but also out of China. Interestingly, many people who come from outside China are also interested to come and establish business cooperation. They come to China and look for business opportunities that are roughly profitable, especially in the field of export-import. This will be a great opportunity also if you can speak Mandarin.

In addition to the business world, China currently also loves to travel abroad, especially to Australia, the United States, Japan, and Thailand. If you work in the field of tourism, will be an advantage if you can speak Mandarin though only a little. Especially if you are proficient in Mandarin, the more profits you will get.

  1. Many tools that can help you learn Mandarin

In this modern era, many ways can be done to learn Mandarin. You can read books, blogs, tutorial videos that make you feel like you have a virtual virgin teacher. In addition, there are so many applications that can be downloaded on your smartphone to support during learning Mandarin. For example, Pleco Dictionary. In this dictionary, you can find a complete explanation of Chinese and sentence examples. Believe me, as long as you have the desire to learn, this application will be very useful for you guys.

  1. Training the brain by learning Mandarin is a good thing

There is research that explains that when learning Mandarin, there is one part of the brain that is actively working. Uniquely, this section does not work when we learn another language. Perhaps, uniqueness in Mandarin like tons and characters that make our brains work harder than usual. Practicing writing a mandarin character stimulates our brain to have a good memory. So if you want your brain to remember well, Mandarin is perfect for you!

  1. Gain more job opportunities

It can not be denied that the longer the more jobs that put “able to speak Mandarin” in one of the requirements. China plays an important role in the economic sector. This becomes an advantage because almost all sectors in life will be in direct contact with the economic sector.

Some jobs also require human resources who have excellent Mandarin skills. Usually, they ask for the HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) score, which is the Mandarin test. Enter the value of HSK in your CV and it will have a positive impact on you in the eyes of the company.

  1. Believe me, Mandarin is interesting!

Many people say that Mandarin is difficult. But believe me, there are many things you will find when learning Mandarin. You will find long history stories of only one Chinese character. You can guess the meaning of a character by just looking at the radical, and many other interesting things.

Just by starting, you will get to know Mandarin. Do not hesitate and hesitate, learning Mandarin will be very useful for you in the future.