Inshore Fishing in Salty Water The importance of fishing as an activity cannot be overemphasized. It is important for economic reasons as well as for sport. The type of fishing depends on which country you consider. The two main types of fishing are fresh water fishing and salt water fishing. Fresh water fishing is mainly done in landlocked countries. For countries that border oceans and seas, salt water fishing is the best. One can catch many species of fish in salt water fishing. This is not the case for fresh water fishing which supports a limited number of fish species. The main fish species that you will find in fresh water is tilapia. Salt water holds diverse species such as eels, redfish and mackerel. Diversity boosts profitability of salt water fishing. The profits would basically come from the fact that buyers have a choice for variety. How is salt water fishing done? You can do successful salt water fishing from the edges of beaches. Most of the times people who go fishing usually use small boats. Accessibility of edges of beaches therefore makes such boats ideal. Beaches are also ideal for the growth of planktons and other sea weeds. The planktons serve as food for fish hence the population of fish near the beach would naturally be high.
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Having located the place for salt water fishing, the next step involves assembling the correct fishing equipment. The most obvious one is a fishing boat. Some metals do corrode when they get into contact with salty water. This means that you should ensure that your boat and especially the engine of the boat is made of materials that do not corrode such as stainless steel. Seas and oceans do also experience tides. Ensure that you have a boat that can withstand pressure occasioned by such tides. The non-corrosion aspect should also apply to the fishing lines you use.
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The choice of equipment to carry can also be made based on the type of fishing you intend to do. Small fish can be caught easily using small non-complicated equipment. This is not the case for large fish since to capture them you not only need strong fishing rods and lines but also large stable boats. Fishing is also dependent on the time of the day. Seas and oceans are prone to tides as noted earlier. This would definitely affect position of fish during different times of the day. You should be wise to do your fishing when the tides have brought the fish near the beach. This would mean the time when tides are low near the edge of the beaches making them calm enough for the fish to survive.