Each writing company provides different essay help by professionals. These academic writers differ in their level of education and the amount of experience one has in the field of writing. A writer may be a degree graduate and will be good at writing contents for degree students, when other may be masters from one of the prestigious universities in the US or the UK. The Master’s graduates are more educated and can produce the best papers like thesis and degree writings for students at the highest level. These writers differ in skills and the amounts they charge for their services. Some are cheap while others charge more. Some writers only base on a given topic like a writer may be acquainted with scholarship topics so if you need essays to win admission to a college, such will guarantee you a unique and interesting essay because that’s what they do best. Some of the writers we find on writing websites include

1. Essay Assistance by Writers With a Bachelor’s Degree for BA Level Essay Writing Assistance

Most writers found on online websites are degree holders. Most of them only have a Bachelor’s degree and have not advanced to a higher level of education. Such offer dissertation help to Bachelor’s degree holders and to students below the Bachelor’s level. A student may need some paper writing help with a BA degree research paper so they turn to such writers for help. These writers offer the best quality assignments if the article matches with their area of specialization since they find it easy to use the application of their coursework to the article because they already have knowledge on such titles. Degree holder writers are a bit cheap as compared to Master’s degree graduates because of the level of education

2. Master’s Degree Writers

Master’s degree writers are found on many websites that offer writing services. They write papers that are most suitable for the standard of Master’s degree students. Research thesis for an MBA student is best done by a writer that has an idea of how thesis has to be written and only students with Master’s degree have expertise in this. Because of their higher level of education, students buy their services for more money than they spend on BA degree holders.

3. Professionals with Tens of Years of Experience

There is this English saying that ‘experience is the best teacher,’ indeed it is! That is why online websites have writers that have skills and expertise in particular topics since they have a custom of writing a number of articles in a particular genre for a number of years and seem to have the expertise on specific topics at their fingertips. Maybe they may be editors with years of experience in editing articles so when one needs an edit, such experts are there to help.

4. Newbies

These kinds of writers still need a lot to learn since they may have joined the writing team recently or are trying a new topic that is not under his/her expertise. Such writers offer their services at a cheaper rate as compared to their counterparts with expertise.

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