How to Briefly Understand the Meaning of Emotional Trauma How do you define emotional trauma in simple terms? This is a psychological experience wherein your mind, body and soul are affected to certain circumstances and you are unable to handle it properly thus creating a feeling of uneasiness and fear. Emotional trauma occurrences are in fact unwanted phenomena to anyone but you cannot control it from happening. In fact, you will experience trauma whether you like it or not and this is eventually the source of struggles for your mind, body and soul. There must be certain events in your life that you have experienced that you were put in a very helpless situation which make it a traumatic one. There might be a situation in your life that might have come once or multiple times already but still it is a scenario that you are unable to overcome and withstand making it unwanted in your life. The result to this is the fact that you become confused and eventually feel doubts and fear consumes your entire being and you believe that you are unsafe.
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Psychological disturbances started during your early childhood years and this is already being proven to various studies and researches. There are certain situations that contribute to trauma and these can be sexual abuses experience, becoming a victim of violence or threatened to it or even witnessing these type of scenes in your early years. Children often choose not to tell anybody about their traumatic experience in their childhood that is why it will become a burden to their emotion as they grow old. Adults who will unfortunately experience the same situation during their childhood will in fact give distress to them in an unexpected manner.
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Other reasons for emotional stresses are coming from unexpected tragic events such as tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, wars, and volcanic eruption that create a very shocking experience afterwards. Once you are being acknowledged as victim of these phenomena, it creates phobia to you and eventually perceived the same situations as threat in your life. This is a normal response to the situation but there are still those who experience severe cases of response. But in case you experience severity, you are recommended to undergo certain medical treatment that is handled by therapists, nurses and physicians. If in case you have a loved one who already have signs of emotional trauma, it is recommended that you seek for immediate help. It is a must that identifying the root cause of the fear is discovered for easier treatment. There are trauma specialists who can handle your situations or you can seek from consciousness teachers’ assistance.