Three Ways Quitting Smoking Helps You Work Out Better part 1

drug rehab for women that worksMost smokers always say that they want to quit smoking but the big question is how do you move from wanting to quit to actually quitting.

Studies that have been conducted by America Heart Association and The National Center for Health Statistics indicates that, an estimate of 46 million people in the United States are smokers .This figure is too high because it represents approximately 23 % of male population and 18 % of female population.

Smoking is not good to your health and therefore, it should be completely avoided. In order to quit smoking you must make hard choices and you must always follow them no matter the temptation that may come on your way.  For extreme cases, a center specializing in drug rehab might be needed, but only in extreme cases.

Quitting smoking has a number of benefits such as: it decreases the risk of getting heart attacks, stroke, lung cancer and chronic lung disease among many others. Quitting smoking also stops the effect of tobacco in your body that may affect your appearance and also lower your self esteem and confidence such as bad breath, premature wrinkling, stained teeth, gum disease and yellow fingernails.

It decreases the risk of people around you and your loved ones from getting diseases that comes with smoking. Quitting smoking will greatly improve your sense of taste and smell and lastly, it will save you a lot of money.

Cigarettes are very expensive and there price keeps on rising ,therefore if you calculate the amount of money that you normally use in buying cigarettes you can be surprised. Here are three tips that will help you quit smoking.

Make the decision and prepare.

The decision to quit smoking only comes from you. It is a decision that cannot be made by somebody else. Your family, friends and relatives may want you to quit smoking but you must know that the real commitment comes from you.

Ask yourself questions as to why you want to quit smoking. Is it because you are worried that you might get smoking-related disease? Are you quitting so that you can make someone happy?

Do you as a person believe that quitting smoking has more benefits than when you continue to smoke?

Are you really ready to make that important and serious decision? Those are among the questions that you should ask yourself when making that big decision.

Pick a day a day that you think you will be ready to quit. Picking a date that is a bit far is recommended because it will give you enough time to rationalize and also give you time to change your mind if need be. Choose a date that has special meaning to you like your anniversary, birthday or on the day that is specially created to quit smoking. You can also decide to pick a random date but regardless of the method you choose, ensure that you make a strong and personal commitment to actually quit on that day.
If you are planning to use prescription drug, make sure that you consult your doctor before you start using it so that you know how to use the medicine and if there are any side effects. Get that drug in time once your doctor approves it.
Start preparing early by cutting down the number of cigarettes you take each day.

By doing this, you will slowly cut down the amount of nicotine in your body system. Replace smoking with something else like drinking a cup of coffee. Unlike losing weight, quitting smoking is not an easy task and requires very strong commitment and perseverance over long period of time.

Many smokers wish their was an easy way to quit smoking like using pills or any other easy way but in reality there are no such things.
On you quitting day, do not smoke any cigarette, not even a puff. Make sure that you are always occupied by doing things such exercise, walking or any other hobby of your choice. Drink juices and a lot of water. Attend stop-smoking class if possible; avoid any situations that may make you have a strong urge to smoke or any person who may influence you to smoke.

Lastly, drink less alcohol or if possible, avoid it completely.  Need to stop drinking so much, try an alcohol rehab designed for women only

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